What is your production time?
     Can I get my order sooner than the current production time?
     Do you offer customization?   
     Can you stamp the metal on both sides?  
     What payments do you accept?    
     How are your items packaged? 
     Do you include invoices with your packaging?
     Will I or can I get a picture of my order before it ships?  


     How do I know if my order has shipped?
     How do I track my order?     
     What if my order has been lost in the mail?  
     What if I have received the wrong item? 
     What if an item is missing from my order?    


     Do you ship to countries other than the United States?
     What are your shipping methods?     
     What is your return and exchange policy?  
     What is your refund policy?
     What is my order was damaged during shipping?
     What is the international shipping time?    
     Since I am not in the United States, are there any additional fees beyond the original shipping charge?


     How do I care for my items?
     Do you have a retail location?     
     Do you donate to charitable causes? 
     When is the best time to contact you?
     What are your business hours?
     Will you use my order for social media or photographs?    
     Is my personal information secure?